The Mediterranean coast portrayed by Salva López reveals a melancholy different from the one emerging from the empty desolation of a place, a place really forgotten. A melancholy hanging on, patiently waiting for the beginning of the warm season. But in reality, the doubt that this is not necessary a return to life, takes shape from the nostalgia originating from the gray color of the surrounding light. «This is a project that I carry on during all winter season» says the young photographer and graphic designer from Barcelona, «when tourism is absent in these places.» These are the moments when structures and small buildings for the warm season entertainment become lasting elements of a human landscape, memories stored in the sand, traces able to survive even when the beach turns to be “costa” again. When the laughs of people and the games of children are replaced by the blowing of the wind and the chirping of the seagulls.



Text by Urbanautica. Photographs between 2008-09