As the locals siesta, the tourists crowd through Placa de Catalunya. Not far from there is Calle Fontanella, where we are heading in search of house number 16. It’s the home of Andrew Trotter, an interior designer and art director from the Yorkshire Dales, along with Spanish photographer Mari Luz Vidal and Japanese chef Nobu Kawagoe.

Their home is at once private and public simultaneously: It opens as an exhibition, dinner and concert venue, and it is the inspiration for their magazine, appropriately called Openhouse. Our visit coincides with the first edition going to print and as Andrew opens the door, Mari is deep in conversation with the printer, comparing methods to ensure image quality on the weighted paper stock. Clearly, a perfectionist at work.

We become acquainted with Andrew and Mari a little better and get a taste of their warm hospitality amongst cosy rooms lined with colorful geometric tiles furnished with a curation of indoor plants and design pieces.

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